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TrainMoS II

Training Motorways of the Sea

The Project


TrainMoS global project aims, by supporting the expansion of knowledge on MOS related issues, at contributing, through the human factor, to the development and extension of the EU multimodal transport system, allowing the smart, sustainable and inclusive connection of the regions of Europe, as well as with neighbouring countries.

The objective of TrainMoS II will be to establish the content of a modular MSc/PG Diploma/Certificate/CPD programme with a number of modules, and start the accreditation process. The target groups of the Action will be university graduates, but also by professionals that belong to different sectors in the multimodal transport chain.

TrainMoS II is a study taking the form of a pilot action. It will develop a second step of the Global Project, taking into account some emerging needs in terms of transport and sustainability and taking into consideration the challenges identified in the European Maritime Area, building upon the knowledge and the tools already generated in TRANIMOS I, delivering new contents and improving the existing IT tools.

The main expected outputs will be:

• to deliver a specific tool to match the demand and offer related with training and job on the maritime logistic sector
• to design and provide training modules according to stakeholder needs
• to design a master science MSc based on the created training modules
• to draft an agreement among the universities to provide the MSc based on the TMS training modules and experiences
• to provide a system of recognition of the credits obtained by each single participant.

Two different training initiatives have been conceived within the TrainMoS 2 project:
- a cycle of seminars targeting professionals and students interested in enhancing their knowledge on specific topics
- the training course Sustainability and energy efficiency manager in maritime transport which comprises 6 classes. Each class itself constitutes a single training course.


The content of the courses and other relevant info related to the content of the courses will be available on the portal and on the project page

Project of common interest TRAINMOS II - 2013-EU-21012-S - in the field of the trans-European transport network (TEN T) co-financed by the European Union.

More information about the Course on Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Manager in Maritime Transport - TrainMoS II are available here.


Other Information


Activity 1 – Baseline
The aim of the activity is to identify the needs and define the content of the courses as well as the certification process of the modular MSc/PG Diploma/Certificate/CPD programme. The activity is divided in the following 3 sub-activities:
1.1 Validation of stakeholders needs
1.2 Definition of the contents of the modules
1.3 Definition of the certification process and draft agreement among Universities.

Activity 2 - Training Modules
The aim of this Activity is the development of the content of the modules in the following disciplines:

  • Transportation engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Marine engineering
  • Maritime and transport economics.

The following contents are provided for post-graduate target:
- Maritime sustainability and MOS
- Port planning, infrastructure management and alternative fuel supply chain
- Risk based methods for new fuel technologies - LNG, Hydrogen, fuel and Single window
- Port energy operations related to clean power
- Energy efficient operation including safe return to port and crisis management
- Alternative fuels in the Common European Transport Space through intelligent Investment Design.

The following contents are provided for professionals:
- Maritime sustainability
- Port planning, infrastructure management and LNG supply chain
- Logistic issues and single windows directive
- Safe return to port
- Crisis management
- Elements of marine and Intermodal transport management.

The modules are supported by remote lessons realized using the web videoconference tool.

Activity 3 - IT platform of knowledge
The aim of this activity is to use the existing videoconference systems and to further develop, through:
3.1 Extension of the video conference platform and of the LMS (Learning Management System)
3.2 Extension of the portal

Activity 4 - Communication and Capitalisation
This activity has 2 sub-activities:
4.1 Stakeholders platform and communication
4.2 Final Event in the EU parliament.

Activity 5 - Project Management
The aim of this activity is to manage and administer the TRAINMOS II Action and ensure its operational and technical coordination.



Servizio apprendimento permanente - PerForm
Tel +39 010 2099466

Scientific coordinator
Riccardo Bozzo

University of Strathclyde 
Department of Naval Architecture,
Ocean and Marine Engineering
HD2.35, Henry Dyer Building
100 Montrose Street
Glasgow G4 0LZ, UK
phone +44 (0)141 548 3875

Scientific coordinator
Evangelos K. Boulougouris


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